Shop the Bargain Bin to Save on Summer 2023 DIYs

shop our bargain bin

When it comes to getting your materials for this summer’s DIY projects, it is hard to beat paying less for high quality products. Here at Larry’s Lumber, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with only the best for their endeavors. And sometimes, you may just find the exact product you are looking for comes in at an even lower price. 

This is the beauty of our Bargain Bin. Anytime we receive returns from specials, make a mistake with an order, or even discontinue an item, you may just happen to find it waiting to be picked up in the Bargain Bin. These one-time deals could be an item you have been searching for for a while or something you could use for future projects. 

Regardless of the items you find, you will find that the majority of them are in perfect condition. On occasion, there could be some items that may have a possible scratch or dent in them. And along with that, you can always look forward to seeing new products being added to the bin on a regular basis.

So to see what we currently have in store for the Bargain Bin, click here. Have any questions or concerns? Feel free to reach out via our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as we can!