DIWhy? — Start Your Spring Woodworking Projects With This Beginner’s Tool Guide

If you’re planning to get crafty with summer and spring woodworking, don’t go in blind. Power tools can be dangerous and it’s important to know what each tool can do before you put saw to lumber and hammer to nail. 

The Basics

Manual tools are an essential part of any home. Whether it’s light maintenance, hanging shelves and art, or putting together furniture, these are the very basics. Start with a hammer, nail and screw set, screwdriver set, adjustable wrench, and a stud finder. Hammers and nails are still relevant in 2022 and won’t ever fall out of fashion, allowing you to do the most basic of tasks even when the power is out. Screwdrivers come in many shapes and sizes, but it’s important to either purchase a screwdriver set with exchangeable heads or at least one medium sized Phillips head (the pointy one) and one medium sized flathead screwdriver (this one is self explained.)

If you’re ever fixing plumbing, a wrench is indispensable and a stud finder is an underrated pocket tool that helps you find the best anchor points on your wall. Studs are the large, weight bearing, vertical sections of wood that help make up the main structure of your wall. While paintings and small art are just fine being hung on the drywall itself, heavier things like televisions, cabinets, and more require extra support and long nails to stay up. Don’t make the mistake of breaking an expensive television and get a stud finder!

Power Tools - Making Spring Woodworking Projects Easy

If you’re going to get only one power tool, make sure it’s a cordless hand drill. If well cared for, many of these handy electric drills can last you over 10 years without the need to splurge on expensive brands. A Ryobi and Black and Decker are just as reliable! For any work with lumber, a circular saw is a necessity. A drive power saw is easier to handle than your typical circular saw and a good investment for novice carpenters — just remember to include protective goggles with your purchase. 

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