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3 Amazing Fall DIY Projects You Must Add to Your Home

With the fall season in full effect, October is the perfect time to start planning out some DIY projects for your home. When getting ready to start these, be sure to choose Larry’s Lumber for all your material needs. Whether it be from our regular showroom or bargain bin, we are confident you will find whatever you need to get these done. Now, here are a few October DIY projects to work on.

Wooden Pumpkins

While going to the pumpkin patch is always a fun fall activity, making your own pumpkin is also a great project, too! Crafting your very own wooden pumpkin that can then be painted in festive autumn colors will look great on display on your porch and patio.

Cozy Firewood Holder

A lit fireplace is a cozy and warm way to enjoy a cool, fall night. So to take care of all the firewood required to keep your home warm, why not build a holder for it! You can then decorate it with stencils and paint that resemble fall colors and designs to make sure your firewood is organized and can be easily accessed.

Wooden Lanterns

To create an even cozier atmosphere, add some wooden lanterns to your property. Whether you opt for candles or LED lights, you can place these lanterns to light up your chilly fall evenings with style.

With these fall DIY projects, you can add a touch of autumn warmth to your outdoor spaces while also showcasing your creativity and woodworking skills. So grab your lumber and supplies from Larry’s Lumber and get started on these fun and festive projects today! Head over to our contact page to get in touch with us today!