Safety Tips Every Woodworker Needs

Woodworking will always have a place whether it’s construction work or creating a decorative piece. While it’s considered one of the safest materials to work with compared to metalwork and others, there are still precautions that need to be taken. Even if you’re comfortable with woodworking, having many years of experience, accidents can happen. Wood pieces can have a stubborn knot that catches on the blade, the blade could be duller than you realized, even electric cords can go bad over time. Keeping up with safety guidelines each time you start working will save you time and injury. Here are safety tips woodworkers should follow.

Always Wear Safety Equipment: Safety glasses are the most important item you will ever need. No matter what you’re doing; whether it’s actively working with the wood or near someone else who is, safety glasses are a MUST. In addition, ear protection is important if you’re around loud power tools. Also, proper hand attire, with the correct type of glove, is necessary when it comes to paints, stains, paint removers, & more.
Safety Tips Every Woodworker Needs 1

Wear the Right Clothing: You’d be amazed how easily something can shift down and get caught in a blade. Loose clothing, dangling jewelry, bracelets, chains, etc. can all get caught. Wear fitted clothing and remove any other accessories for the ideal work attire.

Don’t Impair Reaction Time or Judgement: If you have to take medication or are feeling ill, these may affect your reaction time and judgment while using any power tools or equipment. Those few seconds could be enough to miss a loose board, shut off a blade, grabbing the wrong tool, or something worse.

Disconnect The Power: Every electrical blade or power tool has a shutoff button. Sometimes that’s not enough, especially if the device is malfunctioning. The fastest way is to cut the power completely from the wall, outlet, or extension cord. It’s important to safely use precaution when fixing any tool malfunction so as to avoid injury.

Safety Tips Every Woodworker Needs 2

Stick To One Extension Cord: Using one cord does two things: it limits how many cords are on the floor causing a tripping hazard, and it prepares you for any power tool malfunction that we discussed in the previous point. It’s better to be safe than sorry, plus keeping a clean work area is imperative to a successful project completion.

Never Use Blunt Objects: This tip goes for blade and bits alike. Not only will it tear up your wood, but it can cause a bind or kickback that can cause serious injury.

Check For Metal: Whether you’re recycling wood pieces or it’s a fresh stock, always check for any metal pieces including nails, screws, or something that might have gotten lodged somehow. Blades will not be able to get through that metal.

Never Reach Over The Blade: This is mainly for when it’s running, but never reach over the blade to remove waste, grab a tool, and anything else. To remove clingy wood, on the other side of the blade, use a scrap piece of wood to push it through.