Summer Attic Insulation

Will insulating my attic keep my house cooler this summer? Summer attic insulation is a surprisingly great way to save on your electricity bill and keep the heat outside this summer!

Why Summer Attic Insulation Is Important

Insulation in the home, and especially the attic, acts to regulate home temperature and take the pressure off of your air conditioning system. Insulation keeps the cold air in, and the hot air contained to the attic, where it rises naturally due to the stack effect. The stack effect is air movement caused by thermal differences. As warmer air rises it creates a pressure difference, with lower pressure below and higher pressure above.

Summer Attic Insulation

Attic insulation absorbs heat produced by the heat outside and traps the heat, keeping it from spreading it to your home. While it’s possible to install fiberglass installation by yourself, there are more efficient forms of insulation that should only be installed by professionals.

Complementing New Attic Insulation

Did you know that weatherizing your home properly is another great way to help keep cool in summer? After your attic is properly insulated, check your windows, doors, and cracks in any spaces you can see sunlight, feel drafts, or suspect could be a problem. These minor repairs are easy to do yourself and only need a select few tools for a good job.

If insulating your attic is 90% of the home insulation success process, the DIY portion of insulating your home is the remaining 10%. For all the tools you might need, Larry’s Lumber can help! Visit us for your insulation, renovation, and other projects this summer.