Our 2021 Wrap Up!

2021 wrap up

Wrapping Up 2021

This year we were proud to continue providing all kinds of hardware, lumber, and tools to our community! From weed whackers and off-road Makita vehicle sweepstakes to leaf blowers and lumber of all different sizes, we’re always happy to help you find what you need for your next project. Larry uses his experience of over 40 years in the lumber business along with his family to keep helping all our customers. From our regulars to new clients, we’re happy to help!

Welcoming 2022

With supply chain issues and the high prices of lumber making some projects difficult last year and in 2020, we’re looking forward to a better year in 2022 with better access to lumber, roofing materials, concrete, masonry, insulation, hardware, plaster, flooring, and more! At Larry’s Lumber we keep everything fully stocked for your peace of mind, whatever you need! 

We’d like to take this time to thank our suppliers, partners, employees, and most importantly our customers who keep us going and who have kept us working hard for all your home improvement during hard times. Here’s to welcoming 2022 and brighter days ahead!